Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm Baaaack!

Did you miss me? (Insert British accent) We had a jolly good time on holiday in Utah. We attending many gatherings and events with family and acquaintances. (Back to American accent) So if you were anxiously awaiting a new post (ha ha, yeah right!), that's why I haven't written in a while.

Now, here is "Work."

One day, Hubs called to tell me he would be home early, but he was going to do some work at home. He asked if I could occupy the children so he could write some reports (no, he's not a student).

Of course, since I am a loving and supportive wife, I told him, "Of course I will continue to care for the children and keep them away so you can get your work done."

This is him "working."


When he woke up finished working, I told him at 9:30 that night, I would be needing to do some "work" myself, so could he please occupy himself and the children?

I didn't get to "work" until after 10:00.


  1. Love this and I have beening waiting for your next post....

  2. I really don't recall this experience too clearly. Perhaps it was because I was asleep. It was a productive day at work for me, though.

  3. So glad to know that my Hubs isn't the only one with the same at home work occupation!