Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Other Woman

This is probably not the place to be talking about this, but we live in a world where everyone bears the most intimate details of their lives on Facebook, talk shows, reality TV, and blogs. Since this is a blog, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and confess an intimate detail of my life with everyone who stumbles onto this site.

There is another woman in Hubs's life.

I don't think he minds me telling you this, because he doesn't do much to hide the relationship.

She's with him everywhere.

At work.

She's his companion at lunch.

He even brings her home, to our house, when I'm there!

They usually eat breakfast and dinner together (again, at my house).

I've asked and begged that she at least stay out of the bedroom, but some mornings I wake up and there she is, between Hubs and me, his hand draped across her back. 

Would you like to see what she looks like?

I have a picture, if you haven't scrolled down already.

Here she is.

I mean come on! How can I compete with that? She's thin, sleek, cool, young and can do so many things I can't. And, she has great apps (get it? Great apps, like abs?). No wonder he can't get enough of her (sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle).

Now, I'm considering getting a guy on the side for myself.

What do you think? Pretty hunky huh?


  1. Andrew and I have "others" as well. We've worked it out. I hope you can too. :)

  2. Bwahahaha!!! That is hilarious! Great apps! Oh man!