Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Moms Really Want For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is quickly approaching (it's this Sunday, May 11 in case you didn't know) and if you are still wondering what you get the special mom in your life I will tell you the perfect gift for her.

Give her a vacation.

I am NOT suggesting that you pack up the the kids and go to Disneyland. That would not be a vacation for a mom. She would still be working. No, give her a day off.

Do you have a job? Do you enjoy your job? Do you get days off? How many hours do you work a day?

I don't know about all moms, but for me, I love being a mother, but I don't get weekends off. I start working at 7:00 am when I wake up the kids. I am going pretty much non-stop until 10:00 pm when my baby goes to sleep (that's a 15 hour day people!) Then I usually get a 2 am wake up call by Lucas. Even if you love your job, you still need a break, vacation days, and sick days. All day I am bathing, dressing, diaper changing, cleaning, cooking, laundering, folding, vacuuming, entertaining, playing, chauffeuring, helping the kids practice the piano and do homework . . . you get the picture. I never get a day off. If I am sick, Hubs does help if he can (he has a job too you know).

For Mother's Day, I would love a day off. No cooking. No cleaning. No dressing the kids. No changing diapers. And a clean house. (I know Mother's Day is on a Sunday, and we try not to work on Sunday, so this might take a little extra planning on Friday and Saturday.)

Don't get me wrong, gifts are lovely. I think something like this would be sweet for a Mother's Day present, but in my opinion, Mom's just want a day off. And who knows, maybe after seeing all that Mom does for you, your appreciation for her will grow. And you won't throw a fit every time she asks you to clean your room (hint, hint Rosie and John!)

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know, I don't want to send my two readers astray.


  1. AMEN!!! Next year: you, me, Women's Conference!!! A whole weekend away!